Hang Ten Partnered with Bradford to Enter in Indian Market


Hang Ten has appointed Bradford as its sole representative for entry into the Indian market. The American surf-inspired fashion and leisure firm will showcase its whole garment range and several new product categories.

Hang Ten, founded in 1960 by surfer Duke Boyd, is ready to launch its surf apparel in India, according to ET Bureau. Bradford will license the company’s casual clothes, footwear, denim, & children’s items in capitalizing on a significant development opportunity.

Hang Ten’s Objective to be a Global Brand
“Hang Ten’s objective is to be a worldwide diverse brand,” Hang Ten CEO Marc Setton stated, according to ET Bureau. “The licensing model will therefore assist the brand in establishing a presence in a variety of areas, which is motivated by a goal to serve its clients cutting-edge, best-in-class products while also expanding the Hang Ten network across India.”

Expansion of Hang Ten Network in India
Hang Ten will sell a diverse range of goods in India, with several items developed exclusively for the Indian market. In addition to the brand’s collection of surf-inspired clothes, Hang Ten will sell eyewear such as frames and sunglasses, watches, and wearables, a rapidly increasing product line in India.

Range of Products to be Sold in India
A scent category will be devoted to men’s and women’s fragrances, body sprays, and deodorants. Hang Ten is capable of expanding into rapidly emerging product lines in it hasn’t yet entrenched in its own country by licensing its brand to Bradford.

Rapid Growth of Licensing Industry in India
According to ET Retail, the licensing sector in India is rapidly increasing and is a multibillion-dollar market internationally,” said Bradford India CEO Sachin Goel. “Licensing is a simple way for a trademark like Hang Ten to be a part of the development narrative since there is a growing preference in the Indian market for the areas that Hang Ten provides.

Hang Ten has made a strategic move to enter the vibrant Indian market by partnering with Bradford. The American surf-inspired fashion and leisure company will showcase its entire garment range, including new product categories, such as eyewear, watches and wearables, and fragrances.


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