Priyanka Chopra Jonas & Richard Madden on ‘Citadel’

From executive producers Joe & Anthony Russo and showrunner David Weil, the Amazon Studios global spy thriller series Citadel follows elite agents Mason Kane (Richard Madden) and Nadia Sinh (Priyanka Chopra Jonas), who had their memories wiped before escaping into new lives with new identities. When a former colleague (Stanley Tucci) comes calling eight years later, Mason must track down former partner Nadia, in order to stop a powerful shadow agency from destroying everything.

During a press conference to preview the new global production that will be expanding into different interconnected series around the world, the Russo brothers and Weil were joined by Madden and Chopra Jones to talk about how this unique idea came about, what viewers can expect from these episodes, finding the perfect cast, creating something new and original of this size and scope, balancing emotional drama with huge action sequences, the layers to these characters, and why this is the perfect format for a project like this.

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