Rajasthani Folk and Fusion

Rajasthan, the land of kings and warriors, is known for its rich culture and heritage. And what better way to experience it than through its music? A concert featuring multi-instrumentalist Chazz and Lakha Khan, the legend of Rajasthani folk, promises to take audiences on a musical journey through the state’s rich history and traditions. The concert will be held at Sundar Nursery, one of the most popular venues in New Delhi, over the weekend.

Lakha Khan and Chazz

A Night of Musical Mastery

Lakha Khan is a living legend in the world of Rajasthani folk music. He is a master of the Sindhi sarangi, a stringed instrument considered one of the most difficult to play. His music is a fusion of traditional Rajasthani folk and classical Indian music. He has performed at several prestigious venues in India and abroad and has been honored with several awards for his contribution to the music world.

On the other hand, Chazz is a multi-instrumentalist and music producer. He is known for his ability to blend different genres of music to create something new and unique. He has collaborated with several artists worldwide and has performed at various festivals and venues.

Lakha Khan and Chazz will present a concert that promises to be a feast for the ears. Audiences can expect to hear traditional Rajasthani folk songs and some new and original compositions that blend different genres of music. 

A Cultural Experience

The concert is not just about music; it’s also an opportunity to experience Rajasthan’s rich culture and heritage. The concert will take place at Sundar Nursery, a beautiful venue surrounded by lush green gardens. 

In conclusion, the concert is an opportunity to experience Rajasthani culture and music in its most authentic form. The concert is going to be a blend of traditional and contemporary, a perfect blend of folk and fusion. The concert is a must-attend for music lovers and anyone interested in learning more about Rajasthani culture. Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of an unforgettable musical journey.

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